Sunday, November 14, 2010

So Many Ways To Be Wicked....

Starting out in the early 1980's as a covers band, by the mid 1980's Lone Justice were being proclaimed as the next big thing. However after 2 largely ignored albums lead vocalist Maria Mckee disbanded the band. Another band loved by the critics but somehow ignored by the larger public Lone Justice had in Maria McKee one of the great female singers of all time. This cracking tune from 1985 and co written by Tom Petty was the closest they came to a bona fide hit single.

Maria McKee would of course go on to have a huge hit with Show Me Heaven but the less said about that the better.There are some great Lone Justice videos on the web but few better than this one which shows why they started out as a covers band...


  1. Lone Justice's first album is one of my favourite debut albums. I've had to buy it on vinyl 3 times, as the first and second copies were never given back from friends who borrowed them.

    Show Me Heaven when she does it acoustic is actually very very good. But not nearly as good as her version of A Good Heart.

    Saw Lone Justice at the QM a long time ago, magic.

  2. Never got to see Lone Justice but saw Maria Mckee at Pavillion in '93 and she was electric and did do quite a few Lone Justice tracks. Just a great voice and slightly bonkers to boot... The first L.J. album still sounds so full of energy today.