Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not A Sonnet, Not A Sound....

If you ask people to think of great indie guitar bands of the 80's most people rightly think of bands like The Smiths, The Mary Chain and The Wedding Present  Most people don't think instantly of The House Of Love. And why ever not, Guy Chadwick certainly knew how to pen a mean tune, and they also had one of the best guitarists of that era in Terry Bickers. I recently gave the first album a listen for the first time in years and surprisingly it still sounds bloody good. The album still sounds fresh and relevant . There's not a bad track on the album but the stand out would have to this wave of sound that transports me back to the heady days of 1988 and somehow was never a hit in the UK !!


  1. What a great clip- loved the House of Love. Good blog you got here.

  2. Thanks very much for the comment. Just trying to introduce people to bands they may not know or re-introduce people to bands that they may have forgotten about. Have always enjoyed Bagging Area, one of the blogs I check out most nights.Felt as though it was about time I joined the blogging community rather than just commenting on others. Really glad you like it, just set it up from scratch a few weeks back so still finding my way....