Monday, January 31, 2011

Favourite Cover Versions...Part 3

For many years now I have been a big fan of Springsteen with Nebraska in particular being amongst my favourite albums...over the years there have been endless covers of tracks by The Boss including this from Vampire Weekend

Not really a name I would normally associate with a Springsteen cover but this is a great cover...a bit mellower than the original and different enough  from the original to make it worthwhile the song just seems to suit the band....the track also contains one of Bruce's finest lyrics about the end of a relationship...

We sit in the car outside your house
I can feel the heat coming ’round
I go to put my arm around you
and you give me a look like I’m way out of bounds
well you let out one of your bored sighs
Well lately when I look into your eyes
I’m goin down


  1. A track that I only rediscovered recently as for twenty years I've hardly played Born In The USA.

    Here is a rather good cover of it by the overrated Florence and Kid Harpoon.

  2. Born in The USA was more or less my introduction to The Boss and is one I still listen to fairly regularly...much under-rated album probably largely because it's his most commercial work but for me it's up there with his best work...although Nebraska is the one I keep going back to...

  3. Nebraska, The River and Devils In Dust for me which is a truly under-rated gem of an album.

    I always hated the song Born In The USA but I think that my view was tainted by Reagan's use of it in the mid 80s. A few years ago I got my hands on a bootleg which had the acoustic demo which is brilliant and I dug out the vinyl which I had kept surprisingly. Still can't play Dancing In The Dark, that video, jesus.