Monday, January 10, 2011

Truly A Joy To Behold....

Today's post was inspired by a posting last week by Davy over at The Ghost Of Electricity blog on the awesome track by Garnett Mimms, As Long As I Have You. I first heard the track on a complilation album that I picked up in Fopp sometime in the late 80's called What's Happening Stateside .From the opening track by The O'Jays, Working On Your Case,  to the closing track by Homer Banks, A Lot Of Love, there is not a duff track on the album.

This was THE album that got me listening to soul music...real soul music..none of this watered down shit that passes as soul today...some of the tracks on this album are amongst the best released by the artists...

I have never seen the album on CD but if you can track a copy on vinyl down on ebay do yourself a favour and get one...this is as good as any Atlantic, Stax or Motown compilation...16 tracks of unadulterated joy...including this track that the NME once described thus, "you'd have to be virtually dead not to love this record"...precisely


  1. The CD was re-issued in 2002. The term, 're-issued,' is somewhat debatable, as many of the tracks were substituted altogether - athough the Garnet Mimms' track, thankfully, was included from the 1987 original release. Hurrah!

  2. I know the CD you are referring to and although a great CD in it's own right it is a very different beast to the original and infineately superior vinyl album

  3. That Garnett Mimms track's a belter - Led Zepellin often knicked bits 'n bobs from it during live concerts.

    You'll find the original album plus a whole load more stuff over here...

    Not sure about the legality of it mind you.

  4. As I said over at Davy H's at the moment the ZZ Hill track is my fave but there isn't a duff track on the album.