Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rock N Roll For The 21st Century.....

The early part of the year is usually not the part most people look forward to...a combination of shit weather,lack of finances and leaving and coming home from work when it's pitch black do not constitute the best part of the year for more than any other time you look for the small things that make that bit of difference and put a smile back on your face....

One of the things that makes that difference for me is a package that comes through the post sometime in January from a very good friend that contains a double CD of his Best Of the previous year....I have just received the latest installment and as per usual the choices are uniformly excellent...most years I already know about 70% of the tracks and they are great to hear again but a large part of the enjoyment is the tracks that I have not heard and this year is no different...the two CD's are very different beasts...the first one is the more upbeat of the two and is the "Saturday Night" CD and, yes you clever people you may have guessed the title of the second more mellow one "Sunday Morning"

The first track on "Saturday Night" was one I had not heard from The Jim Jones Revue...good old time Rock 'N 'Roll dragged firmly into the 21st century...there's bits of Nick Cave,The Cramps,Creedence and Little Richard amongst others...this is top notch R'n'R that is fuzzy,dirty and loud with one of the tightest rhythm sections you will hear all year...

For some reason I had bypassed the second album from MGMT and from what I recall most of the reviews at the the time were fairly negative about said album...the title track appears on the "Sunday Morning" CD and to these ears is a great song that shows they still know how to write a killer tune when they want to...


  1. Jim Jones Revue are great.
    Swiss Adam

  2. Don't know how I managed to miss them 'til now...sound as though they would be awesome live...

  3. rikwheatley@sky.com7:28 PM, February 07, 2011

    Hello Mr M
    Always glad when I find someone still doing 'dirty rnr' the way it should be, like JJR.I know they been around a while now but just seem to get better. Remember Rocket from The Crypt early 90s.
    The MGMT song is perfect hangover material (try it - ha)