Monday, February 21, 2011

Heart Like A Gabriel,Soul Like A Lucifer....

Recorded live in 1987 at The Church Of Holy Trinity in Toronto with a single microphone,The Trinity Sessions is very close to being a perfect album....superlatives escape me when trying to describe the sheer beauty of the second album by The Cowboy Junkies....

Opening track,Mining For Gold is sung unaccompanied by the exquisite,mesmerising vocals of Margo Timmins....a couple of years back I saw the band perform the album in its entirety in Edinburgh and during that track the hairs on the back of my neck literally did stand up....

Covers of Sweet Jane,I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry and Blue Moon are quite simply outstanding but for me the stand out track on the album is Misguided Angel,an age old story of falling for the guy that your parents never approved and loving someone despite all their imperfections with some great lyrical imagery courtesy of Michael Timmins whose masterful songwriting perfectly complemented his sister's soft but very effective singing style....

Can be bought here ....

Misguided angel hangin' over me
Heart like a Gabriel, pure and white as ivory
Soul like a Lucifer
Black and cold like a piece of lead
Misguided angel, love you 'til I'm dead


  1. I'm sure you've heard " If You Were The Woman And I Was the Man" by The Cowboy Junkies and the great John Prine. If not, they're superior cover of this tune is definitely worth kicking back to with your eyes closed, and having a listen. One of few cases when the live version *FAR* outstrips their official recording.

  2. ( Sorry for that weird spelling error!)

  3. I don't know the John Prine version so thanks for the recommendation.