Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fade Into You....

Hope Sandoval's dreamy, plaintive, seductive vocals are strangely beautiful and completely unforgettable. Once heard never forgotten. Her voice is full of sadness but is sweet as maple syrup and once combined with the supreme talent of David Roback it forms the core of Mazzy Star.

Mazzy Star's second album So Tonight That I Might See is their masterpiece. Similiar in style to The Cowboy Junkies it opens with the sublime Fade Into You and continues almost as one long piece of music that is intensely beautiful. Some criticism was tossed their way that all the tracks sounded the same. I don't see it, to me they are all variations on the same theme that deserves to be listened to in a full sitting rather than diving in and out as is often the case these days.

Whenever you've had a crap day this is the perfect album to drift off into that warrants repeated listens and always throws up something new each time you play it.

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  1. She just has none of those voices that you fall in love with. Every home should have at least one Mazzy Star record. To me she is up there with the likes of Margo Timmins and the most lovely Harriet Wheeler.

  2. Hope Sandoval is simply perfect. If she ever duetted with Margo Timmins I think we would all be reduced to a jelly-like substance.

  3. Now that would be a duet made in heaven. One can but dream.