Saturday, March 5, 2011

Favourite Cover Versions...Part 4

Originally by US garage band, The Other Half, another of my favourite covers is The Mighty Fall's version of Mr Pharmacist. The Fall have always done a good line in covers with the likes of Rollin' Danny, Victoria and There's A Ghost In My House to name a few but Mr Pharmacist is the one for me. Still a live favourite to this day and it's easy to hear why. Taken from the album that a lot of Fall fans consider to be at the peak of their most fertile creative period, Bend Sinister, the track is one of The Fall's most accessible songs and is no worse for it.

Buy Bend Sinister HERE .

As it is Mark E Smith's 54th birthday today here's an extra helping live from Glasgow's Renfrew Ferry.


  1. Aaaah, memories! I got completely obsessed by The Falls' " Hip Priest" when I was about fifteen ( probably because it's lathargic and sarcastic sounding -- no prizes for guessing that would appeal to a fifteen year old) and then quickly discovered 'Bend Sinister'. This album is definitely going back on the ipod.

  2. There should be a special place on everyone's ipods for about a dozen or so Fall albums. No collection is complete without a good helping of Mark E.Smith.