Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Close Your Eyes Again....

Following on from yesterday's post I had a listen to Side 2 of the first Indie City cassette and although not quite up to the standard of Side 1 there is sill a smorgasbord of musical treats to tempt the Indie tastebuds including The Cocteaus, The Redskins, Joy Division and East Kilbride's very own Boy Wonder Roddy Frame.

The word genius is thrown about too readily these days but there can be few more musicians worthy of the word than Roddy Frame.I've seen Roddy a few times live with Aztec Camera, solo and a couple of times when he was playing guitar with Edwyn Collins where you would catch Edwyn sitting and watching in sheer admiration at the guitar virtuosity of one of this country's most talented and gifted songwriters.

Still astonishing to this day that he was only 19 when he released one of the best debut albums of all time in High Land Hard Rain . An album literally bursting with youth, vitality, energy and just great songs. Very hard to single out best tracks from an almost perfect album but the track that is on the Indie City cassette, We Could Send Letters, is certainly one of them with one of Roddy's finest ever lyrics. If for any reason you have never seen Roddy Frame live you should try and catch him the next time he plays at a town near you.


  1. If he ever gets off his arse and arranges a tour a new album wuld be good too.

  2. Been taking lessons from the Blue Nile on how long to wait between albums.