Wednesday, April 13, 2011

B'dum, b'dum....

One of the greatest guitar solos in history by one of the best bands in history.

Although not the first punk single or the most influential it was arguably the most important. Spiral Scratch was the first punk single released without the support of a record label,appearing on The Buzzcock's own New Hormones label in early '77 and subsequently opening the door for many others to follow suit and set up their own labels.

The entire E.P. is over in about 10 minutes, but what a bloody great 10 minutes. Spiral Scratch is unbelievably energetic and raw yet somehow more intelligent and sophisticated than the majority of the other punk sounds of that era. The almost 3 minutes of raging ennui expressed by Boredom contains that now famous guitar solo mentioned above and one of the finest punk era vocals courtesy of Howard Devoto before he upped sticks and left the band.

The Buzzcocks went on to produce some of the finest tunes of the post punk era but in the space of almost 11 minutes they changed the musical landscape forever.

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