Thursday, April 21, 2011

Favourite Cover Versions...Part 5

Not just one cover this time but a full album's worth of 14 covers courtesy of the one and only Nick Cave. Along with his Bad Seeds, they released Kicking against The Pricks back in the early 90's and shared with the world some of Cave's favourite tracks. Although every track is a cover it is very much a Nick Cave album, every track coming across like a Cave original. They managed to cover some country tunes, some gospel, some Velvets and even a bit of Black Betty. The arrangements are stripped to the bone, and the production is extremely minimal but somehow it all works.

The album is a masterpiece of interpretation, with covers ranging from standards such as Running Scared through to more obscure numbers such as Sleeping Annaleah but it deserves it's place in Cave's mighty body of work.

If you are put off by some of Cave's noisier output you may find something here to whet your appetite...

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