Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take Your Hat Off Boy....

Some musicians have the good fortune to have been in one decent band, a few in two decent bands but not many can say that they have released records and had success in three decent bands. Come forward and take a bow, Tanya Donelly.

Tanya co-founded Throwing Muses with her step sister, Kristen Hersh and then went on to play in both The Breeders and Belly. Always more conventional than her step sister it was perhaps inevitable that she would be the one most likely to have a "hit" record which she achieved with the radio friendly sound of Feed The Tree and a Number 2 album in the UK with Star in the mid 90's.

Being at the helm of Belly gave Donelly the opportunity to shine as a major songwriter in her own right and she did not disappoint. Two Grammy awards nominations followed for a band that you could dance to, scream to or lie back and dream to.

Their debut album still sounds great and as a body of work most of the material that Tanya Donelly has played on is well worth a listen.

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