Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Rock Candy Mountain....

There have been a couple of articles in the papers over the last week or so about plans to create a state of the art Scottish Rock 'n' Roll museum and Hall Of Fame next to the new Transport Museum on the Clyde. This blog does not need to tell people about the wealth of musical talent (and Wet Wet Wet!!) to come out Scotland over the last 50 odd years so it is about time that it was celebrated in this way.

In last week's Sunday Herald there is a family tree of Scottish Rock 'n' Roll that doesn't just concentrate on the big name bands but has the likes of The Pastels, BMX Bandits, The Delgados and Arab Strap amongst many others.

As with things of this nature there are inevitably going to be bands that were not included who deserve a seat at the table... step forward Alex Taylor

Alex deserves her place for her work with The Shop Assistants but also for producing one of the best singles released by any Scottish band in Big Rock Candy Mountain.

The Motorcycle Boy were formed in East Kilbride by Alex and ex members of Meat Whiplash and in '87 released the classic Big Rock Candy Mountain which sadly proved to be their highpoint. After signing to Chrysalis and not fulfilling their potential they split in early 1990.

Big Rock Candy Mountain reached Number 2 in the Indie Chart and got to 21 in The Festive 50 and is up there with the finest to have come out of this small but musically vast country.

The Motorcycle Boy - Big Rock Candy Mountain
The Motorcycle Boy - His Latest Flame

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