Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Debut Albums....Part 1

Twenty years ago a young band from Ireland released a debut album of near flawless indie pop tunes called "Immigrants, Emigrants & Me". That band was Power Of Dreams.

Listening to it at the time it was hard to believe that so much confidence and ambition could have came from a band still in their teens. The tracks on the album were direct, raw and, above all, truthful. That there was so much passion, energy and great tunes packed into a debut release was astounding. The lyrics seemed to touch a chord with everyone who heard the album. Most tracks are about lead singer, Craig Walker, being dumped by the love of his life and are shot through with an honesty and craft that belied his tender years.

Over the next four years, they released a further three albums and continued to play shows worldwide, including four return visits to Japan. However, commercial success never quite matched the level of critical acclaim achieved and so the four members went their separate ways in 1995.

According to the band's website they are currently working on a new album so hopefully in the not too distant future we should see some new material.

They were once described by Alan McGee as “A genius band who should have been massive” and he was right.

Power Of Dreams - The Joke's On Me
Power Of Dreams - Maire I Don't Love You

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