Sunday, June 12, 2011

Live and Direkkk....

With a few exceptions live albums, per se, are generally not that good. One of the exceptions is Aswad's Live and Direct. The band is on fire and the album captures the moment perfectly. This is Aswad at their very best full of energy and oh so sweet bass lines playing some old fashioned reggae with lots of brass. The rawness of the sounds adds to the overall feel with that tight as you like horn section making this a classic.

Of course we all know that Aswad captured some chart success later on with some "soft reggae" offerings that don't really do the band justice but if you only ever buy one Aswad album this is the one to go for. Crank it up loud and enjoy not just one of the best reggae albums of all time but also one of the best live albums. Few live albums manage to capture perfectly a band at the height of their power. Live and Direct does just that.

Aswad - Roots Rocking


  1. How about a different style? Magic +.

  2. I love live albums, well Fall bootlegs actually!