Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soul Thursday....

Felice Taylor started off on the Valiant label as part of a trio with her sisters, but her greatest success came on the Mustang label where she released 3 singles which were all co-written and produced by none other than The Walrus Of Love himself, Barry White.

Her vocals were very reminiscent of Diana Ross , which is certainly no bad thing. She later recorded for the legendary Kent label and also with The Equals in the U.K. Sadly there do not appear to be any recordings after the early 70's.

From 1968, I Can Feel Your Love is a bit less sugary than some of her earlier recordings with a truly great rhythm intro....

Felice Taylor - I Can Feel Your Love

Also found this crackin' video on Youtube of another Felice classic.


  1. I was sure that I had this somewhere but can't find it. Thanks Scott, a rather uplifting bit of soul.

  2. Thought I would make this week Soul Week on Spools Paradise. Have a good weekend Drew.

  3. It has been a rather good week of postings.

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