Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I've Searched The Secret Mists....

I have found myself recently listening to a lot of female vocalists for no apparent reason, it just seems to be what I am enjoying listening to - a bit of The Cocteaus, Hope Sandoval, The Sundays, Kate Bush, Maria Mckee and in particular the sublime vocals of Tracey Thorn. I fell in love with her vocals back in the day and fell back in love with them on last years wonderful return to form, Love and Its Opposite. Somehow I seemed to miss out on them when they veered towards the dance floor, although like the music of The Style Council which I didn't really enjoy at the time I have came to appreciate that period more as time goes by.

However the track that has been on repeat the last few days is EBGT's cover of Weller's timeless, romantic folk ballad, English Rose. It is very faithful to the original but the perspective of a female vocalist seems to add a new level to the song. There is a certain honesty about Thorn's vocals that makes her believable and personally I could listen to her all day long...........

Everything But The Girl - English Rose


  1. I've been listenin' to hunners' o' Cocteau Twins recently.

    As a wee aside, it seems the internet police have managed to block me uploading any mp3s to the world wide web. Hence recent blogging inactivity. A wee bit scunnered, aye. I'm working on Plan B (not Plan B) as I type.

  2. Best of luck with Plan B mate. I'm sure you have a cunning plan.

  3. thanks for this scott - one of the ebtg tracks I didnt have

    friend of rachel worth