Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Perfect End....

Galaxie 500's final studio album, This Is Our Music, was the all time classic that both On Fire and Today had hinted at. The end of the band had been unfolding for quite some time prior to its release, with several of the songs sounding much like apologizes from Dean Wareham to his young mates Damon and Naomi.

This Is Our Music is one of those albums that gets better with each listen and contains quite a few of Galaxie 500's best tunes and it also has the richest production, with greater focus on keyboards and layered guitars. They never made it big, but during their short run, Galaxie 500's often quiet and always beautifully rendered music had a profound impact on a few people and that is way more than most.

Galaxie 500 - Melt Away


  1. It's an album I bought on cd a long time ago and have hardly played. I think I may have to re-investigate.

  2. Well worth another listen - I believe it's what they term a "grower".