Saturday, September 24, 2011

From Margate Via California....

I came across Two Wounded Birds yesterday when I had a bit of time to check out some new music on the web and although summer appears to be most definately over in the West Of Scotland for this year I was very taken by their obvious love of the tunes of one Brian Wilson.

The Beach Boys comparisons come more to the fore with titles such as Keep Dreaming Baby and Summer Dream, although it quickly becomes apparent that even their most upbeat tunes are tinged with more than a hint of darkness. There's bits of early rock'n'roll and hints of Duane Eddy amongst many others and some of the tracks would sound great on a Tarantino soundtrack. There is also a clear punk ethos to the band’s music as well with a clear link to both the Ramones and one of the founding fathers of the genre, Doctor Feelgood.

Two Wounded Birds are romantic, rock and roll obsessives who create well-crafted, timeless pop that sounds more like it comes from California than the unlikely environs of Margate....

Two Wounded Birds - Keep Dreaming Baby by Vinyl Junkie Recordings

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