Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Honey Tangle....

Drawing from influences such as Blondie and The Byrds, Brix Smith and various ex members of The Smiths amongst others, took a break from guitar duties with The Fall to release one album under the moniker of The Adult Net.

"Glossy, jangly, sweet-natured pop music that would sound perfectly at home in the Top 40 radio play lists of some alternate universe" was the best description I could find and pretty much sums up what they were all about.

It may not be the best album ever made but is still a great album for a warm summer's day so obviously not the best album for today in the West Of Scotland...

Never mind, just lie back and enjoy the sugar sweet charm of The Adult Net and just imagine you are somewhere works...honest...

Adult Net - Where Were You(When I Needed You)


  1. As a person slightly obsessed with the Fall, strangely I have never once listened to Adult Net or any of the other spin off bands come to think of it.

  2. It is a good album but don't think it would have gave her then hubby many sleepless nights...

  3. I was listening to this album in the car. It always reminds me of late summer/early fall, and walking to my college classes. I still love "Take Me" and "Waking Up in the Sun."