Sunday, November 20, 2011

Don't Call Me Quirky....

I have been listening a lot over the last few days on Spotify to the second album from The Do (there is a slash through the O which apparently means it is pronounced as The Dough). Their 2008 debut album, A Mouthful, became the first number one album in France by a French act singing in English.

The new album is an amalgam of hip hop, folk, rock and so much more. There have been some comparisons vocally to Bjork and their sound has variously been described as quirky and eccentric. This is just lazy journalism. It is a very hard to cateogarise sound that they have but that can surely only be a good thing. Olivia Merilahti's vocals are a unique instrument, at one moment sounding almost like a little girl lost, the next moment extremely playful and mischevious. The soundscapes that she performs over are the work of one Dan Levy but it is clear from the off that this is very much a collaboration.

If you are looking for something original to listen to you might find what you are looking for here

The Do - The Wicked And The Blind

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