Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Jumped Up Pantry Boy....

It's a testimony to the outstanding songwriting talents of Morrissey and Marr that a hastily compiled collection of radio sessions , b-sides , and the odd single , is now rightly regarded as one of the seminal albums of the Eighties. Besides Morrissey's lyrics and Marr's obvious talent and skill, it's usually overlooked that the Smiths had a fantastic drummer and bass player as well and Hatful Of Hollow amply showcases what a vital part of the overall sound Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke were.

From start to finish, the whole album is a complete work, and improves on the debut album, especially with regard to production. Handsome Devil is an unqualified classic. Hand in Glove, William, It Was Really Nothing, Reel Round the Fountain, You've Got Everything Now. I could go on forever. I won't, I will just let the music do the talking..........

The Smiths - This Charming Man
The Smiths - Handsome Devil


  1. The Smiths. Simply the greatest band out of Britain. The eponymous Smiths and Meat Is Murder really opened my ears as a Primary School kid. You're totally right about Joyce and Rourke, the collective sound is utterly amazing. They will never be surpassed (not even by The Fall!).

  2. Sadly I never got to see them live. My biggest regret as far as live music is concerned. How I would loved to have seen The Smiths and The Jam. Forget The Stone Roses reunion those are the two bands that everyone wants to see.

  3. I remember the day The Jam played at the Magnum in Irvine, as all the scooter boys rode past my house in a mile long noisy procession of foxtails and aerials. I was about 12 at the time. The Smiths played on my doorstep in 1985. I was still to appreciate the thrill of the live gig. "Oh momma let me go" and all that. "OK" she said. But being a contrary hormonal 15 year old boy I didn't go, just to be awkward. Stupid, stupid boy.

    Mike Joyce wisnae much of a drummer though!

  4. How dare you diss The Joyce. I was offered the chance to see them round about the same time and likewise for some unknown reason didn't go.