Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To The Hip Hip Hop....

The early 1970s saw a new culture developing in the New York's Bronx district. In nightclubs and at house parties, DJs and MCs spent countless hours developing hip-hop as an art form. But it took The Sugarhill Gang, and a song called "Rapper's Delight," to get it on the radio.
The song used the backing of Chic’s popular disco track “Good Times”. Originally the song’s composer Nile Rodgers was not credited on “Rapper’s Delight” but that was later changed. Rapper's Delight was technically the second rap record, lagging a few weeks behind The Fatback Band's King Tim III (Personality Jock).It went multi-platinum, eventually selling more than eight million copies worldwide, and set the pace for the rap recording industry. 15 glorious minutes of the bass line from Chic's "Good Times," with a New Jersey crew spieling goofy routines about Superman and bad food on top--is one hell of a party-starter.

Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight

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