Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hard as Hell....

James Todd Smith III, aka LL Cool J was apparently "hard as hell" back in '86 when he released the classic Rock the Bells. The track is full of LL's unique style, wit, uncanny phrasing and timing and has stood the test of time really well. I was listening to some tracks on a never ending playlist today when Rock The Bells came on and it reminded me of a time when hip hip/rap was not almost entirely centred on sexist or violent bullshit lyrics like a lot of artists that have followed in Cool J's path. LL just liked to have a bit of fun and his early Def Jam material is up there with some of the best hip hop recordings. He may not have produced material as important and inventive as Public Enemy and KRS One but he deserves recognition for bringing hip hop to the mainstream.

Rock The Bells is based around a sparse sound built on nothing much more than a big beat, and clever rapping and stands as a genuine Hip Hop classic.

LL Cool J - Rock the Bells

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