Sunday, June 9, 2013

So young, so very young....

I don't often do postings on books or authors but I make an exception tonight after the very sad news that Iain Banks passed away earlier today, two months after announcing that he had terminal cancer. 

In a statement, his publisher said he was "an irreplaceable part of the literary world". I feel that is an accurate reflection on the passing of one of the most gifted authors of his generation.

Iain Banks first novel, The Wasp Factory,  introduced us to an author with a wonderful imagination and originality. I was 16 when I first read it and it is still one of the few books that I return to again and again. His trademark dark sense of humour and compassion shone through every page as it would do on all his subsequent work.

I have a feeling there may be one or two wee drams being drunk around the world tonight as a personal tribute to one of the countries best loved novelists. A bright light has gone out far too soon.

R.I.P. Iain Banks

To leave a personal message for Iain Banks' family, please visit:

Back in 1998 there was a  CD released of Iain Banks' favourite music called Personal Effects released from which the track below is taken...

The Ruts - Babylon's Burning


  1. It was very sad. As for his music, I remember being disappointed by his choices on DIDs.

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