Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hooky, Line and Sinker...

As I had the luxury of a Saturday off work I thought I would take myself through to Edinburgh for my annual day out at The Festival. Primarily I was going to see Phil Jupitus at The Jam House performing his unique brand of punk poetry as 'Porky The Poet'. This was part of The Free Fringe where performers put on a free show for anyone who fancies coming along. As I saw Jupitus last year at a similiar event performing old 'Porky' material I was really looking forward to hearing him perform some new stuff. I think I speak for the packed audience when I say that no-one left disappointed. Particular mention must go to a searing poem about Jeremy Clarkson, that involved him shagging a car. Priceless, literally.

I had looked before I went to Edinburgh to see if there were any tickets left for Peter Hook but sadly it was sold out. That old adage "if you don't ask, you don't get" kicked in however when I got to Auld Reekie and, lo and behold, they had one ticket left. I am so glad I asked as this was stellar stuff from Hooky. Interviewed by Ian Rankin, he was in great form. Funny, intelligent and hugely entertaining. Most of the conversation was based around the early days of Joy Division, the recording of Unknown Pleasures and the untimely death of Ian Curtis. Most of the humour was directed towards Barney but it didn't come across as sour grapes. There was also a great part when Hooky was talking about how they have never made any money from tee-shirt sales but were fined £10K by the taxman for not delcaring their income for tee- shirt sales. Could only have happened to Joy Division/New Order. After the interview the floor was opened up to the audience with one member asking if he could just sort things out with Barney and get New Order back together. Sadly this looks unlikely ever to happen, with the courts the most likely place it 's all gonna end up.

New Dawn Fades


  1. I have loved No and JD for so long but the more they bicker and misbehave the more they besmirch their reputation. And I love them a little less as a result.

  2. I know what you mean. You would think after all these years they would be able to sort it out among themselves. Did make for an entertaining evening right enough. Saw a quote recently that "Hooky has, of late, reinvented himself as the Stephen Fry of British post-punk." That pretty much summed up the night.