Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hold On, Hold On...

I have written before about the wonderful voice of Neko Case but feel compelled to do so again as I have just noticed she is playing Glasgow in December. I described her voice back in 2011 as dramatic, gutsy, mysterious and quite simply a force of nature. That pretty much sums her up.

I remember the first time I heard Festive 50 winner "Twist The Knife" and just being blown away by that voice. When I got the chance to see her at Glasgow's much missed Barfly venue in 2003 it was too good an opportunity to miss. To this day it still stands as one of my fave gigs I have been to. I only own a couple of Neko Case albums so am no sort of authority on her music but live I have not seen much better. Case’s phenomenal voice alone can literally knock you over with it's raw beauty.

Neko Case has always been difficult to pigeon hole musically but is always worth listening to and live really comes into her own.


  1. Excellent track. You are completely correct, she has a terrific voice. I particularly like her first two albums, very alt-country/americana.

  2. Hi George, thanks for the comment. Enjoying your blog..good to have another addition to the blogging fraternity.