Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The 81...

The wonderfully monikered Candy And The Kisses are most well known for their song about Philly dance craze, "The 81". New York sisters Beryl "Candy" Nelson and Suzanne Nelson formed a singing group called The Symphonettes, with their cousin, Port Richmond High School student, Jeanette Johnson before changing their name to Candy and The Kisses.

"The 81" opens with a rapid, two-chord guitar riff, immediately followed by a cacophony of booming horns and driving drums which borrow, merge, and transform the beginning of the Martha & The Vandellas tunes "In My Lonely Room" and "Heat Wave". The finished product succeeds in sounding like it had come straight off the Motown conveyor belt but was actually released on the Cameo label. Sadly it was their only hit record but what a great record it is.

The 81


  1. Check out Mr Creator, if you don't know it already Scott it's a belter of a track.

  2. Thanks Drew, will have a listen.

  3. Here you go Scott https://app.box.com/s/atuuu7p8pjlbylphn385

  4. Cheers Drew, don't know how I've managed to not hear this track over the years.