Thursday, March 27, 2014

One In A Million...

Although she never had many hits, Maxine Brown, was one of the most underrated soul and R&B vocalists of the '60s. She signed to the New York-based, uptown soul label Wand in 1963 where she recorded her best work but was constantly overshadowed by labelmate Dionne Warwick.

Brown was one of the most versatile soul singers of the '60's but just maybe that versatility worked against her as she was difficult to pigeonhole, with her style being influenced by the emerging girl groups, Motown and Stax amongst many other styles. Whatever the reasons it is still hard to believe that she is not better known than what she is.

One In A Million


  1. You're on quite a run here, Scott with classy soul tunes. Thanks for posting this in wonderful MONO - I've been looking for it for ages. It's just not the same in stereo (shame on you Ace Records!).

  2. Hi Vintage Grooves, I had it in an old NME tape from years ago. As you can tell from the blog header my taste in music veers more towards "indie guitar bands" (for want of a better description) but I have always had a strong love of 60's soul and roots reggae and that has been more to the fore recently as that is all I have been listening to over at Spools Towers. Tomorrow sees a stonking dancehall reggae tune from the mid 80's....

  3. This has been met with approval from the younger cat (she was not terribly impressed with a couple of tunes from some other blogs). And from myself.