Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rattling Boy...

I recently saw a review of Goodbye Mr McKenzie that described them as "underrated in a world of pish". I'm guessing that the review came from my neck of the woods but is pretty apt. I was listening today to some stuff from an 80's CD that I compiled a few years back without a tracklisting and the greatness that is The Rattler came on. Inexplicable why this was never a huge hit, only managing to sneak into the lower reaches of the Top 40 upon its re-release in '89. Of course a couple of former members did go on to have fairly successful careers...

I hadn't listened to The Rattler for quite a while and was pleasantly surprised at how bloody good it still sounds. It was one of the records that soundtracked my youth and was always guaranteed to fill  dancefloors all over the west of Scotland in these little places called discos. It's always been one of my favourite tunes and has fair brightened up another dreicht Sunday here in Lanarkshire.

The Rattler

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  1. An excellent tune Scott. It was rather grey in the 'shire today