Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sometimes Less Is More

Toussaint McCall may be remembered by some for his appearance in the John Water's movie Hairspary miming to his own song, and only hit, "Nothing Takes The Place Of You". As well as being a great, timeless soul balladeer Toussaint played a mean Hammond organ as you will hear on this great,understated track on Ronn Records from way back in 1967. Sometimes less really is more.

Nothing Takes The Place Of You


  1. Ronn is one of my favourite labels. I have yet to find a crap 45 on the label and I have bought a few on spec.

  2. I'm not a great authority on the label but what I have heard I really like. They did have some great artists on their roster like Ted Taylor and Barbara West. I shall need to investigate further.

  3. This is a fantastic song, absolutely fantastic.