Friday, July 4, 2014


The disco is starting slightly later this week due to the DJ losing his sequined shirt earlier, but with no further ado it's time to start the tunes off tonight with a disco classic from 1975 from the one and only Donna Summer. Recorded on her back on the studio floor with the lights out, apparently in order to achieve that famous vocal, it was hardly surprising that the Beeb, in their usual "saving the nation from filth" manner banned "Love To Love You Baby", which according to Time magazine had Summer simulating 22 orgasms throughout the song. I've often wondered which poor sod at Time magazine drew the short straw and had to count them.

One of the most iconic songs of all time "Love To Love You Baby" just gets better and better as it slowly unfolds its swirling beauty over almost seventeen minutes of disco magic...

Love to Love You Baby


  1. Scott, I threatened a month ago to post my top 10 disco songs. It was met with much skepticism and a dash of scorn, but you've certainly inspired me to act on my threat/promise and participate in this joyful madness.

    Would you think me a pest if I asked you to re-up my link again since I finally realized that the feed needed to be turned on? (Thanks in advance.)

  2. Tune. Brill song, performance, production, everything

  3. Hi Marie, the more the merrier. Welcome to the joyful madness, looking forward to seeing your top 10 disco tunes. Will re-up the link today.
    Adam - It is one of those tunes that would be hard to improve in any way