Thursday, August 28, 2014

Entertain Us ?

One of the records I received many years ago for my 18th birthday was the wonderfully titled "Unseen Ripples From A Pebble " from Romford's finest, The Wolfhounds. It has been many years since I have listened to the album but on the shuffle today up popped their finest tune, "The Anti Midas Touch" and, although very much of it's time, it still sounds bloody good, replete with a riff that is very similiar to a certain tune that topped the charts worldwide five years later by a bunch of lads from Seattle. Although part of the legendary C86 tape, they didn't really fit into any of the neat pigeonholes that people like to put bands into, being a bit more abrasive than some of the tweeness that was very much in vogue back in '86....but all the better for it.

The Anti Midas Touch

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  1. I saw them a few times in a cramped little venue (The Rez) in Romford - a fine live band too.