Monday, September 29, 2014


I had been thinking the other day about great songs with numbers in the title, such as 54-46 (That's My Number), The Magnificent Seven, 1963, and whilst reading  Charity Chic's Husker Du post I was reminded of the wonderful 2541 from Grant Hart's debut solo album, "Intolerance". Sometimes assumed to be about the breakup of Husker Du (who had an office with the same street number) it is apparently about the breakup of a relationship and having to face up to an uncertain future but could just as easily be about his musical future after Husker Du's split. It has quite a melancholy, languid feel to it that just suits the lyrics perfectly.



  1. Brilliant. There's a good cover of this out there, by Robert Forster,

  2. The Swede - did not know that Robert Forster had covered it. Thanks for that.

  3. there are 2 versions, single and a lp..........from the great grant