Monday, September 1, 2014

Favourite Cover Versions...Part 7

I was looking through some old postings last night and realised that I have not posted any fave covers for quite a while. In fact I had forgotten that I had started this series a few years back so today seemed a good time to continue the series, in light of one of my fave covers popping up on the shuffle.

When Gloria Jones recorded the Northern Soul Classic "Tainted Love" back in '64, little would she have known that Soft Cell would take their unique interpretation to the top of the chart in the early 80's or that Rockabilly Queen, Imelda May, would record such a stonking version for her third album, "Mayhem" in 2010. It's unusual to find a song with so many unique versions of it. I have always loved the original, but in their own ways the covers are the equal of Gloria's with each of them putting their own stamp on the track and making it their own, which is surely what you are meant to do if you choose to cover someone else's tune.

Tainted Love


  1. Imelda May has made some great records. I saw her perform many years ago with Mike Sanchez and was not overly impressed, though. But as a recording artist she is great. By the way, I would put The Shirelles higher than either of the Ronettes or Shangri-Las, solely on the basis of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, possibly the finest ever pop song.

  2. Good point George, it certainly is up there as one of the finest pop songs ever made. I think The Ronettes and The Shirelles made the two best tracks - "Be My Baby" and "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" but The Shangri- Las had the greatest body of work out of the three groups.

  3. I take it Little Mix are not in the mix?