Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Good Thing...

Bands that should have been massive Part 91, The Woodentops.
The evidence - great, well crafted pop songs that were a bit rough round the edges, infectious melodies, experimental, innovative, one of the best debut albums of the 80's in Giant and a very talented front man in Rolo McGinty.
Never managed to see them live back in the day but Giant has stood the test of time well and still sounds quirky, interesting and is a great pop album.

Good Thing


  1. Brilliant live Scott. I bought this 12" in Barcelona seventeen years ago next month, while on my honeymoon when L was laid up with calamari poisoning!

  2. Great pick! You probably won't believe me but, seemingly out of nowhere, the Woodentops released a really good album this year. No, 'Granulated Tales' is not 'Giant,' but it's worth a listen.

  3. You're right Scott, they made some damned fine records.

  4. Hello Scott,

    if you have a minute, could you please cancel Sexyloser from your "Paradise Links" - roll and then re-add it again? The reason I'm asking is that it doesn't update on your list, some forums say that the above might help to improve on the situation.

    Thanks very much for your help,


  5. Drew - at least you'll always remember where and when you bought it, although I'm quite sure that L would rather not remember
    Brian - they would be hard pushed to better "Giant" but will give it a listen, thanks for letting me know
    George - they did indeed, great band
    Dirk - didn't realise it wasn't working, will re-add tonight

  6. Granulated Tales is well worth the money. So is Before, During and After which brings together both of their earlier albums remastered plus loads of b-sides, brilliant remixes and alternative versions.

  7. Dirk - hasn't worked I'm afraid. Not sure what the problem is...
    Drew - cheers for the info. Will check them both out when I get paid.