Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's Not Hard, Not Far To Reach...

Number Six in my Top Ten album rundown is the third album from "Da Brudders".

Released in 1977, "Rocket To Russia" is, for me, the highpoint of The Ramones career. There is no doubt that the first album is a classic album, but "Rocket To Russia" is where all the pieces fitted together perfectly and is their best work. Great melodies, humour, hooks and some of the best pop songs ever written by anyone. This is the album where they really came into their own, where the took the blueprint from the first two albums and perfected it. The last album recorded with Tommy at the drum kit, it features one classic song after another. This is the album that should have made The Ramones a household name but sadly it didn't. From start to finish it has everything that makes the Ramones great, and then some. How something so simple can be so good is still mystifying to this day but this album is what rock'n roll fun is all about. The album is loaded with many of their best loved songs, such as "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" and "Rockaway Beach" and showcases why The Ramones are one of the most important and influential bands of all time.

We're A Happy Family


  1. You know, Scott, I'd forgotten how tremendous early Ramones were. This is a cracking album and a belting song. Great choice.

  2. Aye. Agree completely. The Ramones were spoilt a bit for me by reading Dee Dee's autobiography. They barely spoke to each other for 20 years or something. Couldn't stand each other. Gabb gabba hey,

  3. George - I have been listening to a lot of The Ramones recently as I too had forgotten what a terrific band they were.
    Adam - Sadly that seems to be the case for a lot of bands, a perfect example being The Mary Chain. Just as well we don't know what goes on offstage sometimes...

  4. Good choice Scott but for me their fist album just shades it