Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some Sunday Soul...

Due to some computer gremlins this week I have been unable to post anything. Really disappointed as yesterday was of course Keeping It Peel day, and was, unbelievably, the 10th anniversary of the death of the great man. I'm sure everyone who reads Spools knows all about Peel Day but for anyone unaware of what it is all about head over here to find out what it is all about and for a great posting from yesterday about why we should never forget John Peel head over here.

Not sure if Peel was a fan of Curtis Mayfield but for a DJ with such discerning taste I would hazard a guess that he would have been. 1970 saw the release of the debut album from the former Impression and what an album it is. Released on his own Curtom label, which was also home to the likes of The Staple Singers, it was one of the first albums, alongside albums by Donny Hathaway and Marvin, to discuss the social issues of the day. For a debut solo album it is quite simply stunning. Aligned to the social commentary is some seriously glorious music and, of course, Curtis' trademark falsetto vocals. The word "genius" is used far too often but in Curtis' case it is not far off the mark. One of the great soul albums, written, produced and performed by one of the most important soul performers of all time.

If there is a hell below, that is indeed the place to go....

Miss Black America