Monday, December 29, 2014

But If You Leave Me A Hundred Times...

Today's post was initially written about Suggestion by Fugazi, but after reading the post again I thought it may be best to save that one for 2015, as it is not the cheeriest number to post at this time of year. So from one extreme to the other, tonight we will have some Isley Brothers, for no other reason than it being one of the best songs ever written and performed by anyone. Released as their first Motown single, it is up there with the finest tunes released on Berry Gordy's little label. One of those rare records that it is difficult to find fault with. Wonderful melody, great lyrics, inspiring vocals, it ticks all the boxes and more....

This Old Heart Of Mine


  1. Good choice Scott - if The Isleys don't cheer you up nothing will

  2. A very versatile band, The Isleys. Toptastic track.