Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Different Strokes For Different Folks...

Whilst out in Glasgow tonight for a few pre Christmas light refreshments this glorious tune came bursting forth from the speakers in the hostelry that we were in and took me back to my dancing days many years ago in the legendary Sub Club. Not even sure if this was ever played in The Sub, but it seemed to evoke the atmosphere of the place...

Everyday People


  1. I don't know where you were enjoying your sweet sherries, but if this is the calibre of tuneage they were belting out, it sounds like my kinda gaff! Happy Christmas!

  2. The Swede - a lovely little hostelry in Glasgow called The Old Hairdressers. Highly recommended, although the fine music being played tends to keep you there longer than intended. Hope you have a great Christmas.
    Adam/George/CC - hope you and your loved ones have a great Christmas.