Thursday, December 11, 2014

Behold The Sparkle Of Champagne...

Released in 1979, Kill The Poor is a terrific satire on the elite who would like to eradicate poverty by eliminating those pesky poor people that are helping themselves to all that welfare money. Not sure if The Smiths fan currently residing in Number 10 has thought of this catchy little ditty as his campaign song for next year's General Election, but like his fellow lover of the poor and dispossessed in the 80's, who completely misunderstood Born In The U.S.A., I'm not quite sure he would grasp the satire and humour of one of Jello's finest moments. Should maybe get a move on Dave just in case your opposite number gets in there and uses it first...

We now appear to be in a race to the bottom and could do with some modern day Jello's before the shit really hits the fan in the next few years. Apologies for the sombre tone of today's post but every time I hear a speech from Tweedledum or Tweedledee I really do despair....

Kill The Poor


  1. No need to apologise Scott, for they are indeed and forever will be a fucking bunch of scumbags.

  2. Come to America. We don't have these problems... Cue the laugh track.

  3. George - they are indeed
    CC- seems like Scottish Labour have learned nothing this weekend. All the Yes supporters in Scotland must have been rubbing their hands in glee at that announcement.
    Brian - if only that were true.