Saturday, December 13, 2014

Service Stations, Destinations...

Tonight's piece of randomness comes courtesy of a band that have been an integral part of the Glasgow music scene for over 30 years now. Formed in 1981, The Pastels are still going strong today, releasing one of their best albums just last year in Slow Summits. However we go a bit further back to 1986 and their first single for Glass records and their finest moment Truck,Train, Tractor which, as far as I am aware, was also The Pastels only entry in The Festive 50, reaching Number 23.

Truck, Train, Tractor


  1. Scott, It's my second favorite from the Pastels but hardly worth the quibble. A wonderful selection today. And, yes, Slow Summits was such a nice surprise last year. Oh, I guess it wouldn't be nice to leave you hangin'. My No. 1 is Comin' Through. The ballad Thru' Your Heart is right up there too.

  2. Comin' Through would certainly be up there Brian. I shall be heading over to your blog later today to see what tracks have made it into your Best of 2014.