Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Antipodean Week...Day Two

Formed in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1986, Straitjacket Fits were just one of the many great bands to grace the Flying Nun label. Led by singer/guitarist Shayne Carter they first came to my attention when Everett True made their debut EP, Life In One Chord, single of the week in Melody Maker. I can't recall the entire review but something within it made me go out and buy the EP, which contained their most well known, and possibly their best, song in the intense beauty of She Speeds. Jagged guitars, strings, a bridge that could have came straight out of a Byrds song, harmonies to die for and that beautiful melody, it still sounds great today with the volume cranked up to the max. Original, powerful, tuneful and ambitious, they only released three albums in their too short career but those three albums have cemented their place as one of the finest bands ever to have came out of New Zealand.

She Speeds


  1. I don't know as much about this band as some of the others on the Flying Nun label, but I remember reading a lot of good things about the 1990 album Melt when it came out. I was really into the Clean at that time, and they were often lumped together... more because of geography and label than anything else. I'm not sure why I didn't investigate, but I think I will now. Thanks.

  2. Really interesting band Brian. I only have the first album which is a good place to start. There may be a post on The Clean later in the week...

  3. I think I have this on a comp somewhere, it had a familiar ring about it anyway. Sounds terrific cranked up really loud.