Sunday, February 8, 2015

Some Sunday Soul...

I first became aware of today's featured artist from a cover of one of his songs, Be For Real, by none other than Mr Leonard Cohen. At the end of the track, on Cohen's The Future album, he says "Thanks for the song Mr Knight". A small bit of investigation ensued and  led me to the glorious soul voice of Frederick Knight. As far as I am aware Knight never released his version of his own song with the first recording of it coming courtesy of Marlena Shaw in 1976. Apparently there is also a cover by The Afghan Whigs, which I am not aware of. As Be For Real is not available for posting, today's Soul Sunday choice is his only UK hit from 1972, the sublime I've Been Lonely For So Long. Although this was his only UK hit, he did write a UK Number 1 hit in 1979 with the disco classic Ring My Bell.

I've Been Lonely For So Long


  1. The Whigs cover is pretty good. Funny you should mention them, I caught them last week at the Liquid Rooms, excellent gig. During the encore, they again performed Faded starting it off with the first couple of verses of Across 110th Street, goose pimples moment. Dulli might not have been note perfect throughout but he has soul and he means it man.

  2. I first heard this song on of those RONCO/K-TEL compulations my parents bought in the early 1970s. I hated it then. I was, of course, wrong there. The Marlena Shaw track you mention is ver good indeed. Have you heard her song Woman Of the Ghetto? There's more to her, isn't there, than California Soul??

  3. Also worth checking out the Lambchop version

  4. Also worth checking out the Lambchop version

  5. A band I have never see live Drew. I should really rectify that.
    Far more to her than California Soul George. Woman Of The Ghetto is one of my favourite songs.
    Will check that out Jules. Wasn't aware that Lambchop had covered it. Cheers for letting me know...