Friday, April 24, 2015

Heat, Heat, Heat...

Tape loops, overdubs, sound effects and noise are the main ingredients of the debut album from This Heat. Released in 1979 it has elements of prog, jazz, electronica and the avant rock sounds of the German trio of Can, Neu and Faust. It's not the most commercial album in the world but if you like your music in any way dark, twisted and slightly disturbing this could be the album for you. Despite all the influences listed it really sounds like nothing else out there. Today's track is a Peel session version of the second track from their hugely influential debut album.

Horizontal Hold (Peel Session)

Better Scream was the debut single from Pete Wylie, released under the moniker of Wah! Heat. Released in 1980 it introduced the public at large to Wylie's immense talent. What a fantastic debut single and a foretaste of the greatness to come in the shape of The Story Of The Blues and Come Back. I once met Pete Wylie in a club in Glasgow after he had played at King Tut's and have no idea what I said to him. Through a combination of being a tad nervous and more than a tad pissed the thrust of the conversation disappeared into the ether but he did play a blinding gig earlier that night. I do have a vague recollection that he was wearing a silver parka in the nightclub. No idea why as the club was like a sauna inside. Maybe he was trying to be inconspicuous...

Better Scream

Hot Hot Heat are from the Canadian province of British Columbia. Formed in 1999, in their early days they were heavily influenced by the British New Wave bands like XTC and Elvis Costello and The Attractions and their first recordings were on Sub Pop. The influence of XTC in particular is all over their debut album, Make Up The Breakdown. There is a nervous energy to the album that just adds to the pleasure. One of the best albums of 2002, it flies by in no time. Just over half an hour of quality, melodic, witty, hook ridden tunes that Andy Partridge would have been proud to have written.



  1. This Heat certainly caused a bit of division in the ranks at the time, I knew people who hated it and others who listened to little else. It's been a while since I played anything by the band, but 'Horizontal Hold' still sounds tremendous.
    In a just and fair world, Pete Wylie would've been massive. He's scattered a lot of terrific songs across the years. I never have seen him live though, unfortunately.
    I don't know Hot Hot Heat at all, but 'Bandages' is good & spikey.

  2. Hot Hot Heat are new to me, a good post-punk song you posted there Scott.Horizontal Hold, not for the faint-hearted, and one that will definitely be played out of ear-shot of my partner! Better Scream is probably my favourite Pete Wylie song, a great pop song

  3. Glad that Hot Hot Heat have been well received. not the most obvious band to be on Sub Pop at that time but the album is well worth getting hold of...