Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some Sunday Soul...

Best known for his 1971 Grammy award winning version of Patches, Clarence Carter started out in music with fellow classmate Calvin Scott, recording together as Clarence and Calvin. After Calvin was seriously injured in a car accident, Clarence continued to record as a solo artist on the Fame label with 1967's Tell Daddy. The following year saw him release Slip Away, a record that showcased that huge, deep, soulful voice of his to its full effect and is one of the best examples of that wonderful, fluid, muscular Muscle Shoals rhythm section. One of the most distinctive of all the 60's soul legends, there was always a hint of vulnerability to his wonderful voice that just made it all the more special. Just a pity he had to blot his copy book in the 80's with the truly awful Strokin'.

Slip Away


  1. Has always been a big favourite with me, Scott.

  2. Such a great voice, he rarely gets mentioned when the top soul singers are listed but he's up there for me with the best of them...

  3. Fantastic song, Scott, absolutely fantastic.

  4. I'm with these fellas. Patches gets the attention, but I'll take this one.

  5. My fave Clarence Carter, Scott (next to "Too Weak To Fight.")

    Did you receive your invite?

    1. I did thanks Marie, just signed in...