Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Thursday Rant...

Earlier today a short letter caught my attention in The National newspaper. It was as follows...

'Europe took so much from Africa to make itself rich. Now Africans want to come here and enjoy a bit of that wealth.
Seems fair enough to me'.

Seems fair enough to me as well. I was lucky enough to have been born into one of the richest countries in the world, but if I hadn't been there is every chance that I would be one of those trying desperately to get to Europe right now. It is beyond reproach that that these brave souls are being vilified by the likes of The Daily Mail on an almost daily basis. The amount of courage it must take for them to get on a boat, not knowing if they will even make it across the sea to Europe, is simply staggering. Hard to believe quite what we are witnessing at the start of the 21st Century and the lack of political will to do something about what is a modern day exodus. Where are the politicians with the vision, and common decency, to stop this unfolding tragedy, that is only going to get worse. 


  1. Well said Scott though with further austerity measures the numbers may reduce. Or maybe that's part of the grand plan?
    It is also obscene that in a rich country like ours that people have to resort to food banks