Thursday, June 18, 2015

Once In A While...

The Chimes, according to Wiki, were a successful dance music trio from Edinburgh, most well known for their cover of U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. But that rather insipid, bland cover won't be featuring here. Rewind over 30 years to the original, and far superior Chimes, from the other side of the pond. Brooklyn, New York to be precise. The Chimes are a prime example of doo-wop at its finest from this street corner group that first hit the charts in the early 60's with a cover of Tommy Dorsey's Once In A While and as with all the best doo-wop tracks, the harmonies are simply beautiful on this much covered, but never bettered track . Today's song, along with 49 others, is from a wonderful double CD compilation of doo-wop tracks that came out earlier this year on One Day Music. The most difficult part of today's post was deciding which track to share, as all 50 tracks could easily have been chosen.

Once In A While


  1. From the first "do-do-do-do"s you just know this'll be good. Good song, Scott. What's the album?

    1. Hi George, it's just called The Very Best Of Doo-Wop - link below
      Well worth it, only £4.00 for 50 great doo-wop tunes..

  2. Scott and George - the Doo-Wop Brothers!

  3. That looks like a TOPTASTIC compilation, Scott.

  4. Hi Scott. I didn't recognize these guys. So, I went to my trusty copy of The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits. As you say, they did well with this Dorsey tune, making it to No. 11 in early '61. They only charted once more, a few months later, with the standard I'm in the Mood For Love. It peaked at No. 38. So, a little obscure, but a fine tune today, sir.

  5. Thanks Brian, as you can probably tell I am going through a bit of a doo-wop phase at the moment so expect more in the next few weeks. As I was saying in the post I could easily have chosen any of the 50 tracks.