Wednesday, July 8, 2015

From Maida Vale 4

A few weeks back CC over here posted a video from Peel faves, Twa Toots, which got me to thinking about their wonderful 1983 Peel Session. Quite posssibly the only band from The Isle Of Sheppey to record a Peel Session, they don't appear to have done much else part from the session. I'm only aware of a limited edition album that came out in 1986 that only had one pressing of 250 and then a single a few years later called Don't Send Me Flowers. Pity as the Peel Session was one of the best of 1983, consisting of A New Depression, Yo-Yo, It's A Lovely Day and the standout track, Please Don't Play 'A Rainy Night In Georgia'. Listening to it today I would love to have heard Tracey Ullman cover this, it sounds right up her street...

Please Don't Play 'A Rainy Night In Georgia'


  1. Cheers Scott
    Had this on tape but never on vinyl unfortunately

  2. My copy is currently in a box in a mate's loft. Fortunately I had used the USB turntable a few years back to put it on the PC. Thanks for inspiring the post.

  3. This is so good. Never heard of them before. One of those lost bands. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.