Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Almost Prayed....

Formed by Pete Astor and Dave Morgan after the break up of The Loft, The Weather Prophets released a couple of singles on Creation Records before signing to a major with high expectations that they were going to be "the next big thing". As with so many of the bands I have posted about so far it did not come to be.

The debut single and the one they are best known for, Almost Prayed, was my own personal favourite single of 1986, along with Therese . Around that time there were a few of us who had started going to gigs who all liked the same kind of bands and who tried to initiate all the "non believers" into listening to the bands that we were championing to the effect that we had a radio cassette player set up in the common room with the lyrics to Almost Prayed pinned up on the wall and said track on rotation on the boogie box in the vain hope that we could get a few people to stop listening to the dross that was clogging up the charts and start listening to some clever jangly guitar pop music.

In retrospect it was quite a foolhardy venture but at that time we thought we could change the world, not just some people's dubious taste in music so even if one person caught on to the wonder of Almost Prayed it may have served some sort of purpose.....

The band only existed until 1988 but did leave behind a wonderful legacy....


  1. Brilliant track, although my beloved 7" is a bit the worse for ware.

  2. I love this track too.Nice clip as well